Tessitura Contact Permissions

In order to use this feature, any organization onboarded prior to Tessitura adding these resources to the master install script will need to make sure they have allow access to the following Tessitura resources:

Edit (Put), View (Get)
Add (POST), Edit (PUT), View(GET)

The Marketing Opt-In drop down option in the Payment Page collapsable has the option for "None", "Prospect2", "Contact Permissions", or "Both". If you want to use Contact Permissions, select "Contact Permissions". If you are using Prospect2 and want to also use contact permissions, select "Both".

Once you make your selection, for Contact Permissions, another option will appear allowing you to select the type of Contact Permission you want to set. In most cases, it will be "Email".

When a patron selects the Marketing Opt-In checkbox on a form, their account will be set with a contact permission matching the one configured.

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