Getting Started with Team Fundraising

What is Team Fundraising?
Team fundraising allows you to bring individuals in your community together to raise money for a common financial goal. Think Galas, Year End Campaigns, Capital Campaigns, or anything where you want to add an element of community to your fundraising efforts. 

Team Fundraising Program Structure

We put together a diagram that explains the hierarchy of Team Fundraising in Donate2 for all you visual learners out there. 

Team Fundraising comes with Landing Pages and Donation Forms

Once you create and configure a program with our easy-to-use editor, landing pages are automatically created for your Programs, Teams, and each of your Team Members. Your organization, as well as each Team and Team Members, can use these pages to promote and spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Landing pages have a financial status bar, profile pictures, Team Member quotes, Social sharing, recent donors, and links to the Donate2 donation form. 

Team Fundraising allows you to create as many Programs as you want. A Program is the big over arching structure for the fundraiser: 2021 Spring Gala, 2020 Fall Festival, Next Chapter Building Renovation, Year End Capital Campaign, Covid-19 Relief campaign. 

Program Page

Program Form

A team is a group of people working together to help raise money for your organization. Maybe you break teams up by musical instrument, operas, artists, cities, or how gray their hair is. Teams add a little competition to your fundraising!

Team Page

Team Form

Team Members
Each Team is made up of Team Members. These are individuals who are helping you raise funds. It could be your board members, your biggest fans, your staff or other members of your community. Being a Team Member allows someone to make a personal ask to their network (and beyond!) on your behalf. 

Team Member Page

Team Member Form

Team Member Administration
Team Fundraising is not the same as peer-to-peer fundraising, where the public can create forms on your behalf to help you raise money. With Team Fundraising, you control who is a Team Member! You can easily add Team Members and when you do, an invitation with directions to set up their profile is sent to the email address you provided. You can even setup a member profile for them if needed.

When editing a Team Member profile you will have the ability to update the following

  • Sort Order
  • Team Captain Status
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Quote
  • Personal Financial Goal
  • Personal URL
  • Profile Image

Team Member Profile
Team members will receive an email invitation and will need to verify themselves for access to their Team Member profile. Team members can belong to multiple programs at one time. Each program will have a separate profile and can be managed through their Team Member account. 

Within their profile a Team Member can edit the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Quote
  • Personal Financial Goal
  • Personal URL
  • Profile Image

Tessitura Integration for Team Fundraising
Team Fundraising includes all the things you love about Donate2, including our Tessitura Integration! 

You can decide to assign a common or a unique Tessitura Source to every element of Team Fundraising. A source can be applied to the following:

  • Program(s)
  • Team(s)
  • Member(s)

You can assign one source to everything or you could create a unique source for each of your Team Members. The options are flexible and easy to manage.

You can also configure your program to use a Fund or On Account with CSI, set the Source, the Channel, and select a Tessitura Receipt. All of your Teams donors end up in Tessitura just like magic (and any other donation made through Donate2). 

Team Captains
A Team Member can be designated as a Team Captain. This is totally optional! 

Landing Page Real Time Donation Updates
Financial bars and the recent donors section are updated in real time on the landing pages along with a popup in the upper right corner every time a donation is made.

Bad Word Filter
Oh $#@! In the rare case anyone would be malicious and enter a first name while making a donation that qualifies as a "bad" word, we use an Industry Standard library to replace the "bad" word so you can rest easy knowing that your recent donor list always looks good. In the example below, Dina, Devan and Marcus are examples of where a "bad" word was replaced with a random first name. The random first names also come from an Industry Standard library. 

Seed Initial Donors
In order to not make the recent donors section of the pages look empty, we provide you the ability to seed the recent donors listing. You can enable or disable this feature and you can select minimum and maximums to use when randomly generating the amounts. Once you get your first group of donations, this no longer visible. It is just for display so that the program doesn't look empty.

Toast Messages
If you are on any of the landing pages and a donation is made anywhere within the program (program, team, or team member level) certain content areas of the page will automatically update in real time. In the upper right corner you will see little panels that indicate a new donation was made, by whom, and for what amount. These messages are called Toasts. The name "Toast" comes from their typical shape and that they pop up, similar to how toast pops up out of a toaster. It's kinda funny when you think about it!

Team Fundraising Specific Forms
Team Fundraising introduces a new form type - Donate2 Team Fundraising form. This form is used by the Program, Teams, and Team members. A Program page allows you to connect to an individual Team Fundraising Form. These forms are engineered to dynamically change if they are being displayed at the Program, Team, or Team Member level. 

All the quick donation features of traditional Donate2 Forms
Just like traditional Donate2 quick donation forms, Team Fundraising works across desktop, tablet, and mobile. It's just as quick and easy to give through a regular form as it is with a Team Fundraising form.

Get The Word Out

Twitter, Facebook, and email sharing are specific to the page you are viewing in the Team Fundraising Program.

Social Sharing Previews

Social Sharing Preview lets you define the Open Graph setting. These are set on the form and will display anywhere it's used, including via social sharing. 

Team Fundraising Program Editor

When building out a Program you have an easy to use configuration page. You can get a Program, Team, and a Member setup in less than five minutes. It may take more time to get the colors and your artwork just right, but it is very simple to setup.

CSS Control
For those that want ultimate control over the look, fonts, and styles we have included a Style and CSS editor for Team Fundraising.

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