Other Amount Options

The Other option allows you to give your donors the option to type in the exact amount for the donation they would like to make. 

If you select the Replace behavior, the Other amount field will replace the default ask or any amount options they had selected previously. This is the default behavior of forms. 

If you select the In Addition behavior, it allows the patron to select both the default ask or any amount options you've included on the form and a custom amount. It totals both numbers up for the final donation.

Below is an example of how the In Addition behavior can be used. This form has a drop down menu that has a patrons specific subscription renewal amount injected into the field using the Donate2 Personalized Ask URL parameters. This personalized amount of $634 is the only option the patron has for their base donation. With the In Addition  behavior selected, a second donation field will appear where the patron has the option to give an additional amount on top of their specific subscription/membership renewal amount. This makes it so the patron cannot donate less than their specified subscription/membership amount, but they can donate more. A value for the other amount field  can be injected into the field using the Donate2 Suggested Donation URL parameter.

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