Redirecting Archived Forms

Someone's cleaning out their inbox and clicks on a sweet email you sent them, sees a button that says "one click giving" and they are stoked to donate to your cause...only thing is that email was from six months ago and you're no longer using that form for donations. No need to worry when you set up redirects for your archived forms! Setting up a redirect prevents the archived form from generating a 404 error and shows a live form of your choice instead. There are two options...

Global Level

We recommend you create a basic form for your global redirect and give it a name that identifies that it's your global level redirect. Any archived form that does not have an individual from level redirect set up will redirect to this form. Think of this as a catch all that helps to ensure that no 404 messages are displayed for any archived forms. 

Individual Form Level

Any live form can be selected as an individual form redirect. If you choose an individual form level redirect, it will override the global level redirect and 404 message to display this form instead. 

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