Using Form Titles and Labels

Titles & Labels allow you to transform your Donate2 form from a simple quick donation form, into a form that is tailored for your specific ask. You can change the wording on the action areas of the form (Titles) and add in amount descriptions (Labels).

Titles & Labels in the form editor


A Title is the text above actionable items. 
The default values for Titles are:
  • Select an amount:
  • Other amount:
  • I'll help cover the transaction fees
  • Marketing Op-In
  • Please apply to:
  • Frequency:
  • Gifts:
  • Goal:

You can change the text of the Title to be whatever you want! Maybe instead of "select an amount" you want to say "choose your membership"  or  "how much would you like to give?".


A Label is text that is appears next to the Amount Options that you have selected on the form. 
This allows you to add information alongside the donation amount to help provide context. Maybe you are using a form for a membership and want to indicate which amount corresponds to which membership level or you're raising money for a specific cause and want to show the kind of impact their donation can make. 

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