Configuring Gift Aid for Organizations in the UK

What is Gift Aid?
Learn more about Gift Aid at the UK Government website:

NOTE: Because Gift Aid is used by UK organizations only, it is only available for accounts created on our regional servers in Europe.

After a donation is made and processed in Stripe, Donate2 completes the transaction and checkout process with Tessitura through your Tessitura API.  If the donor selected the Gift Aid option, after the checkout is complete, Donate2 will use the information configured in the Gift Aid Declarations section of your Tessitura configuration to process a Gift Aid declaration for the constituent.

Gift Aid can be configured in your Tessitura TEST and  must be LIVE Integrations for Gift Aid declarations to work. The data that populates the drop downs comes from your Tessitura instance.

  1. Set the Start Date.
  2. Choose the Gift Aid Type.
  3. Choose a Contact Method.
  4. Choose a Document Status.
  5. Use as is or edit the Gift Aid Declaration copy that is presented to the person making the donation. Basic HTML is allowed in this field.

The option to enable Gift Aid on each form is available in the payment section of the form builder.

Here is an example of how Gift Aid is presented on a Donate2 form. 

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