* Advanced Stripe Communication Settings

Advanced Stripe Subscription Communications Settings

In your Stripe Dashboard you can configure additional settings for any communications that you select Stripe to send out to your Donors. We've provided links below to Stripe's help documentation on these areas, but they do require you to be logged into your Stripe account to view. 

Brand elements for any Stripe communications

Customize how your brand appears globally across the Stripe products your customers use.
Custom Domain Sending & Customer Emails

Customize the domain used when sending emails to customers.

If you are using Tessitura for your receipts for donations. Do not enable "eMail customers about Successful Payments". This would double up the receipts your donors receive.

Subscriptions & Emails

Here you can configure messaging for your Subscriptions.

  • Manage failed payments: Configure the steps you'd like to take when charging a customer's payment method fails
  • Prevent failed payments: Configure whether you'd like to email customers to keep their payment information up to date.
  • Manage payments that require 3D Secure: Configure how you'd like to handle 3D Secure, an authentication step required for some European cardholders.

Configure your customer portal

Enable your customers to view their billing history, update payment methods, and manage subscriptions.