Can I add styling to text in a form?

Yes! You can add styling to any of the text fields in your form by using basic HTML. 

Part of our approach that is to get to the payment portion of the donation form right away. Your form will have the most impact if they don't have to scroll to see that. With that in mind, at this time we do not offer a WYSIWYG editor within the text regions. 

Here are a few ways you can style your form...

You can make text bold like this <b> great text here </b> 

You can make text italic like this <i> amazing text here </i> 

You can underline text like this <u> wonderful text here </u>

You can insert a  hyperlink like this <a href="url"> fantastic link here </a> 
You can add in all sorts of other HTML into your text fields, but we'd like you to think twice about inserting an image, adding in links (don't take them off the donation form until after they have donated!), or other styling that may add another barrier to the donation process. 

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