Cover Costs with Auto-Select

Donate2 includes a Cover Cost feature which gives the donor the option to cover the cost of processing fees for their donation, allowing them to help your organization out even more.

You can enable or disable this in your Donate2 account under the Stripe section. When this is enabled, you are able to choose what percentage you would like to be added when Cover Costs is selected. The percentage set for the Cover Costs option is account wide. 

The example above shows how you could configure this if you were on the Low Volume plan at 5% plus a Stripe fee of 2.2% for a total of 7.2% and looking to cover the whole cost of processing a donation. Each transaction through Stripe is an additional $0.30 so that is automatically included in addition to whatever percentage you select. 

You can turn this feature on or off per form and there is an option to load the form with Cover Cost already selected by default. A donor can uncheck Cover Cost if they wish.

When Cover Costs is turned on for a form, it will include a check box, giving the person completing the form the option to add on to the donation. If this is selected, it adds a line that says $X will be added to your total. 

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