Team Management

Team Management allows you to manage the different levels of account access your staff has. There are four different types of team members. 

Owner - The owner can do everything and this user cannot be deleted. You can edit the owner details if you need to pass the power on to someone else.

Billing - You are required to add this person when your account is created. This user does not have a login, but is notified of any billing related matters. 

Admin - An Admin can build forms, add/remove integrations, and create users on your account. Admins can be deleted or reassigned to Builder as needed. 

Builder - The Builders can, well, build forms. That is pretty much it! Builders can see the integrations, other users, and account settings but are unable to modify them. 

Anything that is made or set up within your account is account wide - no integrations or forms are tied to a specific user. All settings are viewable by anyone with a login, but they may not be able to edit or adjust settings based on the type of team member they are. 

The Owner of your account is responsible for all management of team members. We will not create users for you, change the owner or billing contact, or reset any passwords. If you have forgotten your password, please use the forgot password option on the login page. 

Ideally, if the Owner ever leaves your organization they will pass this onto someone else prior to leaving. If that does not happen, please work with your IT team to gain access and update the Owner. We will not make this change for you or give you access.  

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