Off-Sale - By Date or By Transactions

Off-sale is a feature that will disable the display of a form payment page and replace it with a message.

Off-Sale can be activated 2 ways:

1. By Date
Using By Date allows you to set a Date, Time, and Timezones along with configuring the message for the Off-Sale page.

2. By Transactions
Using By Transactions allows you to a quantity of transactions along with configuring the message for the Off-Sale page.

Current Transaction Count
This count is based on the number of transactions processed by the form. When a new transaction takes place, the transaction count will increase by 1. If a transaction has been refunded in Stripe, the transaction count will decrease by 1. This number cannot be manually edited.

Max Transactions
Max Transactions is the total number of transactions this form is allowed to process. Once it reaches the number, the Off-Sale page will be displayed.

Updating Max Transactions
You can update the Max Transactions anytime you want. If you have 10 transactions that came from another source, you can update this number as needed. In the case above changing 100 to 90.